4 Effective Ways to Stay Motivated During Exercise and Your Workout Routines

Suddenly got tired of your workout routines? We've all been there, and I know it's not easy to keep up with your gym schedule or exercise when you have other important things to do. Sometimes it can seem like a chore. But to maintain a healthy lifestyle exercising is crucial. Plus, if you want to lose weight, working out can help you reach that body you've always wanted more quickly.

So where can you get that motivation from? Let me share with you 4 effective ways on how to get motivated to exercise:
1. Set your goals - Nothing works better than setting a goal that you can focus yourself on. Set realistic and timely goals that will be achievable for you, such as losing 2 pounds each week. You can start with lighter routines. It could be as simple as walking 30 minutes a day; then increasing the time or starting to jog. Then in 12 weeks, for example you can achieve the waistline that you desire. You can use these goals as your workout motivation instead of just sitting on the couch all day.
2. Add some variety in your routine - One way to lose motivation is by doing the same old routine. But know that there's a simple way of spicing up your workout sessions such as by changing the type of exercises, adding recreational activities to your routine such as yoga and playing sports, or choreographing your own aerobic steps. These activities might make you feel excited enough to look forward to working out.
3. Make a pact with a friend - Go on a gym-date with a friend whose fitness passion and level matches yours. That friend might just rekindle your fitness motivation because you won't cancel each other out! And to stay true to this partnership, consider the idea of creating a written contract that obliges you to pay a friend $10 every time you skip a fitness class. If he/she agrees, sign it in front of a witness. Holding each other to account like this is a great way to keep on top of your exercise routine.
4. Find inspiration in some multimedia resources - Does listening to music keep you pumped up? Does reading a motivational quote daily keep you inspired? Does watching motivational videos work for you? For example, listening to music affects people emotionally so the right songs can help you to do more in your workouts and the lyrics may echo your goals and aspirations. Hence, it gives you the power to keep going.
So time to throw all your excuses out the window and put your shoes on, hook those earphones to your ears, and get motivated to move!