5 Ideas For A Healthy Breakfast

You always hear from a health professional - the most essential meal of the day is breakfast. It's what gets you going throughout the day. You'll start the day right, you'll have the energy you need, your mind if focused and you're ready for anything, whether it's in the office or at school. Also, it helps you avoid unhealthy cravings like junk food or too much sweet. Doing this routine will help you maintain that healthy weight.

But with this fact, why do some people avoid breakfast? Many would say that breakfast food is just so boring. It's the same bowl of cereals every morning, or the same flavor of oatmeal, eggs every day, a toast with milk or coffee or orange juice; it's becoming dull. When you find yourself saying the same thing, here's a new way to enjoy breakfast: prepare something new. Here are ideas for a healthy breakfast:

1. Had enough of your old cereal? 

Replace it with high-fiber cereal. If you're watching your weight, this would be perfect for you because it will help you cut down fats by 10 percent. To make it interesting, don't use your regular milk. Add soy milk to it. Soy milk has phytoestrogens, which is good for the heart. Or add half of soy milk and half of your regular milk; that would be a good combination too.

2. Go for vegan breakfast. 

It's the healthiest thing you can eat and you can have fun too by being creative. The right amount of protein and fat is the key to this healthy recipe. More protein, less fat. Replace your usual scrambled eggs with tofu; add some flavor and seasonings (cilantro, pepper, and soy sauce). This could be your healthy breakfast or you can eat with brown rice or toast.

3. Choose organic food. 

Organic eggs compared to the usual ones have more nutrients. Factory-farmed eggs on the other hand may have growth hormones that you don't want to put in your body. So if you love having scrambled eggs or boiled in the morning, always choose organic eggs.

4. Craving for sweets? 

Yes, you too could have that for breakfast. A healthy yet sweet breakfast could compose of small slices of your favorite fruit, plus a non-fat yoghurt, topped with dark chocolate. Don't put too much sugar in your body by eating sugary bread with too much jam in it.

5. Love to have sandwich for breakfast? 

Make it more exciting by trying a different combination. With multigrain bagels, put cheese, flaxseeds, and a mango slice; or with a whole wheat toast, put cheese, smoked salmon, or a turkey bacon.