5 Things You Should Know If You Want To Get A Flat Stomach

The reason why you have excess belly fat on your body is due to the fact that the amount of calories that you are consuming is greater in number than the number of calories that you are burning. You have to turn this the other way round if you want to get a flat stomach. In other words, increase the number of calories burnt than have been consumed. Here are 5 top tips to help you get a flat belly.

1. Build Muscle.

Muscles burn more calories, even while they are at rest. Lifting weights or resistance training helps to build and tone muscle but it will not turn you into a bulky bodybuilder. Body builders use a very particular exercise regimen and usually take muscle enhancing supplements to get their bulky body shape. Your resistance training routine to get a flat stomach should focus on training the largest muscle groups of the body like the legs, back, and chest.

2. Eat Less, But Frequently.

According to nutrition experts, consuming around five smaller and healthy meals everyday is a lot more effective to burn calories. This is because, every time you eat, your digestive system will burn food and in the process calories will also be burnt.

3. Cardio Workout.

You do need to include some cardiovascular activity to increase your heart rate, condition your lungs and stay healthy. But if you spend hours on the treadmill or stationery bike at the same continual pace, it is not going help you get a flat stomach so that those abs muscles start to showing. To burn fat but to get the maximum results from your cardio exercises, use interval training where you alternate between high intensity exercise with low intensity recovery periods.

4. Eat Foods That Help You To Burn Fat.

There are certain foods that do help you to burn fat. Foods like spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, watermelon, berries and apples are high in water and fibre but low in calories. Cruciferous vegetables, like brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, turnips and watercress actually contain nutrients that help fight elements that cause the body to deposit fat in the stomach area..

5. Drink More Water.

When you want to get a flat stomach, what you drink is just as important as what you eat. Water has no preservatives, no sodium, stay hydrated, and no calories. You can drink plenty of water without adding to your caloric intake. If you feel hungry, try drinking a glass of water first because the sensation of hunger and thirst are very similar. Drinking water can help you to feel fewer hunger pangs, so you'll eat less and that will help you to get a flat stomach more easily.