How Can You Benefit From Jogging?

Jogging is one of the most popular and oldest aerobic exercises and the benefits of jogging are countless. If you are a fitness freak, but don't want to follow those cliché exercise regimen at gym, you may simply stick to jogging. You can either be a morning or an afternoon jogger depending on what suits you the best. If you jog in the morning, you will become well rested and fresh. If you are jogging with an empty stomach, you can burn even more fat. On the other hand, afternoon jogs can help you blow off the accumulated stress of the entire day. Here are some of the notable health benefits of jogging:

  • Helps prevent certain cancers - Several studies have shown that jogging helps prevent some of the cancers. This is because while jogging, you achieve better oxygenation. Cells that don't get adequate supplies of oxygen tend to turn malignant in most cases. Jogging ensures increased supply of oxygen to all the parts of your body and thus helps prevent some of the cancers.
  • Helps prevent heart diseases and hypertension - One of the major benefits of jogging is that it reduces the risk of developing heart diseases. Your cardiovascular system gets an excellent workout when you jog. It also helps keep high blood pressure at bay. The amount of LDL or the bad cholesterol in your blood decrease when you do vigorous exercises like jogging. Hypertension is one of the worst health issues that people living a hectic lifestyle suffer from. It can have several long term effects on your body leading to life threatening conditions like atherosclerosis, aneurysms and hemorrhaging. Jogging helps you reduce hypertension and live a stress-free life.
  • Helps lose weight- Lastly, jogging helps you get rid of those belly fat. If losing weight is your key target and you are tired of doing those strenuous exercises, following crash diets and taking multiple supplements, you can now try jogging. It is estimated that you burn around 150 calories for each mile that you jog. If you can do this religiously, it will help you burn a lot of calories. What's more, you continue burning additional calories for the next 48 hours after the last run.
Apart from offering multiple health benefits, jogging also ensures a sound mental health. If you want to live a healthy and peaceful life and enjoy every moment to the fullest, you must jog following a regular schedule.
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