How Exercise Helps Fight Stress

Many people feel stressed out as they go about their daily lives, but some people cope with their stress better than others do. If you are feeling stressed out and you don't know where to turn for easy, but safe stress relief, then you may want to consider taking up exercise. Not only does exercise help to promote physical health, but it can also improve the mental health of participants.

Although stress can be impossible to get rid of completely, if the trigger remains, it is often possible to manage stress levels using a variety of different measures, of which exercise is one. Exercise can also help to reduce the by-products of stress, notably fatigue, reduced concentration and reduced cognitive functions. Maintaining a regular exercise routine is known to prevent insomnia, which is also a common symptom of stress. These symptoms often feedback into a person's stress levels, and contributes to that person becoming even more stressed out. Lessening these symptoms can help the sufferer to reduce and manage their stress levels.
Exercising has been proven to promote the production and release of chemicals in the body which are known as endorphins. Endorphins are a natural form of pain killer, and they are associated with increased feelings of happiness or wellbeing. These endorphins can help to reduce levels of stress and increase satisfaction. Endorphins are also released by the consumption of certain foods (such as chocolate), and other pastimes such as listening to music, however exercise also offers a range of other benefits, and it is therefore a great choice for stress management.
Exercise also helps to reduce the physiological symptoms of stress which manifest themselves on the human body, such as muscle tension, which can lead to aches and pains. Removing these pressures on the body can change the way that a person carries themselves, and will help to reduce anxiety levels in some cases. Reducing muscle tension by jogging can also leave people feeling more energetic, which will allow them to push themselves further in their exercise regime.
If you want to reduce your stress levels, developing an exercise plan is therefore an excellent idea. You can either exercise alone or part of a group, if you decide to join a class. Exercising alone means that you have more freedom to exercise when you want, but exercising as part of a group or with an exercising buddy can provide you with a social support network, which is also good for stress relief.