How to Get Beautiful Lips?

The lips form the basic and one of the most important features of the face. The ultimate appeal of the face comes from the lips. Lips need proper care and attention, otherwise they may become dull and dark.
Here are some ways to get the beautiful lips:


Most people don't know the reason behind the lips looking dull. It is because of the accumulation of so many dead cells. Simply exfoliate on the surface of the lips weekly, or two to three times in a week. This will enhance the blood flow and help in attaining the natural color of the lips. We can use any kind of oil for this purpose. Now gently massage the lips.

Applying oil on the naval (belly button):

This is the age old and by far the most effective technique. Apply a few drops of oil on the naval and gently massage it before going to sleep. If this step is followed regularly, the effect is seen on the lips very early.

Moisturizing the lips:

Dry lips look very shabby. It is very important to keep the lips hydrated and moisturized. While going out in the sun, we apply some lip cream on it, to prevent it from the scorching heat of the sun.

Use of pomegranate seeds:

Simply crush the seed of the pomegranate and mix it with milk cream. Apply it on the lips on a regular basis. This is by far one of the best homemade remedies available to us. Results will come gradually, if we follow the procedure regularly.

Staying hydrated:

Our body comprises almost 60% of water. In order to have the beautiful pink lips, it is very much important to keep them hydrated. It is always advisable to increase the water intake and include a lot of juices in the diet.

Avoid licking your lips:

Most people have a natural tendency of licking the lips when they feel that their lips are getting dried or chapped. But it is advisable and a better decision to hold the lips back into the mouth because not doing this will only worsen the condition.

Quit smoking:

Smoking is one of the biggest reasons for dark and dull lips. Smoking adversely affects our lips and leave it in a very poor condition.

Use of orange peels:

Orange peels provide a very effective way in the treatment of dark and dull lips. Simply rub the orange peels on the lips for a few minutes. Orange peels consist of juice, which is very good for our lips and help in maintaining the color and beauty of the lips.

Use of carrot juice:

Carrots are a very rich source of vitamins. Their juice is extremely useful. Simply soak some juice on the cotton and apply it on the lips. This vitamin rich juice will provide the essential components needed by the lips to stay nourished.

Use of coconut oil and almond oil:

Mix the two oils in equal proportion in the bowl. Apply the cost of the mixed oil on the lips and gently massage it. Do this procedure before going to the bed.
All the methods discussed above are beneficial in getting the beautiful and pink lips. No matter which procedure, we follow, they are continuous processes. They needed to be repeated at regular intervals to get the best results. Recommended Article : Skin Glow