Sumptuous Diet for Good Health!

Whoever said that you have to starve for a flat stomach has surely got the basics all wrong. Eating is important if you plan to lead a healthy life. You don't need to give up on food but simply remember to eat right. Yes! Eating at the right time and eating the right kind of food are the two simple rules that can transform you from being a lazy human to becoming an absolutely healthy individual. Organizing your diet is not a time consuming task. However, we would recommend you to take advice from a reputed dietician or your family doctor before making any drastic changes.

Till then here are a few healthy suggestions that you can follow:
Keep your body hydrated. Drink ample amounts of fluids like fresh fruit juices, butter milk, water and a lot more. Also hydration will ensure that you eat only the required amount of food instead of piling it all up. Just remember to avoid the sugar as you savour the drink.
Less oil and butter is also a good practice. Ideally, three table spoons are enough to take care of the daily requirements of normal individuals. Given the sedentary lifestyle that we are used to, eating high calorie food like deep fried stuff, sweets, etc. will only spell disaster for your future.
More salads: Freshly cut salads with a little or no salt and some pepper are tasty and calorie free as well. Ensure that you have loads of salads before every meal. This will keep your tummy full and prevent you from eating junk food.
Eat more. You may find it hard to believe but eating more is the secret to losing weight. You have to eat small portions several times a day. Needless to say, these small portions of food have to be healthy options like fruits, juices, etc.
Grill not fried: We asked you to cut down on your fried food but that does not mean you should give up all the tasty things in life. You can still eat all that you want by just introducing a healthy style of cooking. Instead of frying, opt for grilled food. It is easier to prepare, consumes lesser oil and the change in taste is barely noticeable.
The important things to remember is that shifting to a healthy lifestyle holds the promise of reaping richer returns for the future ensuring that your health and well-being prevails even when you become older.