Donating Your Car to Charity in USA - Updated 2020

Donating Your Car to Charity in USA - Updated 2020

Have you ever considered donating your car to charity? Did you even know that was possible?

Let's take a look how.

First, you will need to find a charity that accepts donated cars. There are actually plenty of them. You will want to specifically look for one that will use your money wisely. Many charities keep over half of the money from your donation for themselves. Many of these are the more reputable agencies. Check out your favorite agencies and find out how they handle donations. You might be surprised to learn that you can, in fact, donate a car with them.

When charities donate, there isn't a required amount they must donate, according to IRS standards. It is strictly between the charity and the handler. To find out the exact amount the charity gives, give them a call before you give. Recently, states have actually begun investigating many charities and how much money they may be keeping for themselves.

You will want to look for an organization that is a 501 (c) (3). These are ones such as Disabled American Veterans. Religious organizations count as well, and aren't exclusively considered a 501 (c) (3). For a full list, check out the IRS's page on exempt organizations or give them a call.

If your charity doesn't accept donations, keep looking for more. The goal is to find one that donates in the region you want and also aims to do what you are doing: giving to others.

When you donate, drive the car to the charity itself. While many worthy charities may off to pick the car up or handle the towing fees, this is yet another cost they will have to take from the overall donation.

If need be, someone can follow to the location and when you finished, drive you back. This might save some money and ensure that your charity won't be taking more money from the donation.

When you do sign your car over, be sure that the charity re-titles the automobile. If anything happens before or after the new person gets it, you will have to pay it. This includes parking fees and other fees you might not know about it. If the charity isn't willing to, pick another. When somebody gets a hold of your new car, and they don't feel like registering it, you can be in for a world of trouble.

Keep thorough records of your car donation. This might come in handy later when you need it, and also takes a part in your taxes. You can claim fair market value on your car to reduce your income taxes. When it comes to donating, keep in mind that the amount you can claim on you taxes can exceed 50 percent of gross income.

Now that you have a little more insight, be sure to make great decisions with donating your car and best of luck!

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