Friday, January 29, 2016

The Big Name Neck Creams, Are They Really the Best?

I am not sure whether or not you have ever noticed that despite the fact that the neck is one of the most common areas to display aging, there are only a few neck creams. Perhaps this is because most people feel that in order to make a real difference in the neck area, an actual medical procedure must take place. Whatever the reason there are only a few companies out there that offer neck creams and really only one of which you may have heard of outside of the anti aging community. In these circumstances, many consumers have a tendency to use the brand name that they have heard of, and while in many cases that is a good choice, it does not always mean that it is the best choice. The author examines various neck creams and offers consumers tips to help guide them toward purchasing the product that will deliver the most results.

Big brands have a major advertising advantage on smaller companies simply because of the amount of money that they have. And while these additional resources could be used to research and develop some breakthrough products, this is seldom the case. Primarily these extra dollars are spent marketing and advertising their products and brand name to ensure that they are recognized by the average household consumer. Full page magazine adds, TV commercials and celebrity endorsements all common with the skin care industry for the big players, but nowhere does it suggest that their formulas are superior. The independent testing of these products actually shows that the smaller companies that get by based upon the quality of their product and not their ability to spend in the annual marketing budget are far superior to the major brands, at least when it comes to results.

While most of these big name companies will deliver a decent quality product, it will not contain the concentration of the more effective, yet lesser known brand. This means that they the major brand will probably not have any negative response from consumers in terms of it being a concentrated dose, yet the products will have to be used twice daily for almost 6 months to get a 30 day result with the lesser known brand. It is the difference between delivering an anti aging treatment and delivering a cream that would need to be used for the rest of your life to maintain the results. Most consumers are not prepared to spend that kind of money, and if they are, they expect these products to deliver results not empty promises

If you are looking for a neck cream, be sure to look past just the brands. There are a few quality neck creams out there that will deliver the type of treatment needed to fix a stubborn area like the neck. If you are looking for results, these are your best choices, if you just want to feel like you are treating the problem but are not so concerned with the actual visibility of the results, then consider some of the less concentrated, but better known products. The choice is yours.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Forskolin for Weight Loss Fact or Myth?

Forskolin is one of the most popular weight loss supplements on the internet today. Its popularity can be partly attributed to Dr Oz who termed it "lightning in a bottle" with reference to its ability to help people lose excess body fat. This is an extract from the Coleus Forskohlii plant that's native to southern Asia. Since that day, forskolin for weight loss supplements have been widely marketed and sold online. If you want to lose weight, you'd want to know whether the supplement you're about to take will help you achieve this goal. So the question is, does forskolin help people lose weight?

The studies supporting forskolin weight loss

There's a good number of studies which support forskolin supplements ability to burn body fat, but does forskolin actually work? One study conducted in 2005 involved 30 obese men who were divided into two groups of 15 members each. One group was supplemented with 250mg of 10% pure forskolin extract for 12 weeks. The second group was given a placebo. At the end of the study, the men who took forskolin supplementation has a significant decrease in body fat composition as well as an increase in lean body mass.

A similar study involved 6 overweight women who were supplemented with forskolin for weight weeks. The results showed a significant decrease in body fat.

In both studies, the participants didn't show signs of side effects.

How does it work

Forskolin extract acts directly on a cell enzyme called adenylate cyclase. This enzyme increases the amount of cyclic AMP (cAMP). cAMP breaks down fatty tissue that's stored in the body. Obese and overweight people have been found to have low amounts of cAMP in their body.

Where to find forskolin supplements

Forskolin can be found without prescription. The best place to buy the supplements is the internet. There are many different brands to choose from. However, you must be cautious when purchasing forskolin. Some supplements don't actually contain the natural extract and could end up not working or even causing side effects.

How to know which is the best forskolin supplement

- The supplement should contain the pure natural extract
- The supplement should contain no additives
- The forskolin content in the supplement should be at least 20%


Given that this supplement has no severe side effects, it's safe for use by almost anyone who wants to lose weight. However, it's always advisable to consult with your doctor before using it. In particular, consult with your doctor if you're on medication, are pregnant or nursing or have cardiovascular problems.

Majority of the forskolin supplements come in 125mg or 250mg capsules. Although the 250mg capsule is considered to provide more of the extract per dose, the most important thing you'll need to keep in mind when buying is that each capsule contains at least 20% pure natural forskolin.

If you've been struggling with weight loss and need a supplement that will help your body actively burn unwanted body fat, forskolin for weight loss capsules are worth trying out. The research proves that this natural supplement will help your body burn fat. Besides weight loss, the supplement will also help you build lean muscle, lower blood pressure and improve thyroid function.

How to keep your brain healthy as you grow

Physical exercises lead to better health. With the same notch, exercises that focus on the brain helps the brain stay healthy. Activities that trigger our mental capacity to increase will have an effect on the level of intelligence. Engaging the brain on a regular basis is important. It helps determine its growth. The various cognitive activities influence the white matter in the brain. Exercises that lead to increased blood flow in the brain are recommended as they help in boosting the capacity of the brain. It is also attributed to the increased oxygen that gets in the brain during exercises. There is also an increase in the production of natural chemicals responsible for growing the cells of the brain. It also helps with their survival.

For better performance, use it

For enhanced brain performance, it is dependent on the exercise, usage as well as evaluation of the brain. People that have increased skills have lower cases of dementia. They also tend to eat better and take advantage of the situations that they are exposed to.  These include social interactions and the physical exercise. These have the ability to stimulate the brain. Those that have increased brain power could have generated it during their early stages in life.  The different interactions in life are good grounds for brain development despite scans that can show no activity. These helps in better functioning.

Brain improvement drugs

Drugs that enhance the brain power are recommended. These include brain enhancement supplements, cogniflex as well as modafinil. These can improve the nervous system. However, modafinil is only used in the UK. It is because of its effects. It causes sleepiness during the day. There is no research indicating that these drugs are better than our usual coffee. The impact of these drugs is prolonged in comparison to coffee. Students and academicians tend to rely on the modafinil. It is linked to the ability of the drug to cause one to be more active. It also leads to a sharper brain. Modafinil also works well with surgeons that deprive themselves of sleep.  The drug is thus linked to boosting the functions of our brain as well as our memory. Modafinil also enhances our levels of motivation. It has an effect on the working memory. It leads to people enjoying their daily tasks. However, there is no research indicating whether the use of these drugs for an extended period has risks.

Take care of your brain

It is not enough just to exercise your brain. Taking care of it is important. The environment poses different threats to the genes and the proteins that safeguard our brains. These threats include the neurotoxins. These can range from the environmental chemicals; prescription drugs as well as the recreational drugs. The chemicals include mercury and lead. Pesticides are also dangerous to the brain. Drugs for recreation include cocaine and alcohol. They have increased threats to the young brains. Adults’ brains can withstand the various threats. It is attributed to the barrier that protects the brain. The barrier is made of cells. However, drugs and tobacco can cause serious damage regardless of how developed the brain is.

No restrictions on blood flow

It is important to ensure that blood flows to the brain with no restrictions. It ensures that the brain gets the vital nutrients as well as oxygen necessary for its functioning. Diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes block the flow of blood.  Increased cholesterol and smoking also block the arteries. If you value the functioning of your brain, avoid these risks.

Diets that boost your brain power

Meals for brain power should be rich in omega 3 fats. Antioxidants are also vital for the brain enhancement. These also can protect the brain. Such antioxidants include vitamins B and E. It is important to have the Mediterranean diet. It combines the essential nutrients boosting your brain's power.


Research is paramount to understand the functionality of the brain. Use of technology can further our know-how of the cognitive processes.  They can include wearable technologies. These can help monitor the health of the brains. The scans of the brains are also important. They can increase our knowledge of how the changes take place in the brain. It can assist people with mental illness. It can also help us find the changes that take place during treatments of the brain. For instance, CBT. There is a need for trials that major on the drugs that protect the brains. These can help us prevent detrimental effects in people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.  Studies should also focus on connectomics. It will enhance our knowledge of the brain's connectivity. The neural maps will enhance this as there will be a combination of techniques to help in comprehension of the maps and what stimulates them.  

Author Bio: Sophie Addison is a popular blogger and skincare expert. She is very passionate about writing on skincare and beauty. She has posted articles on tips for fine lines under eyes, weight loss and  fitness news. Apart from work she likes gardening and listening music